What’s old is new again

Hello fellow travellers!  It’s been a long time- my last post was at the start of COVID in March and from then until probably just last month, my creativity and normal adventurous spirit had tanked due to all the changes around me. Does anyone else’s spirit respond in that way when there is so much change in your world? It may be that I’m an introvert and don’t like change at the best of times but COVID certainly threw a wrench in there and caused me to be very down.

With my renewed energy, we have been trying to get out on some trails more and see some sights. We were lucky to get out on a nice day a couple weekends ago with friends to explore a spot in Albert County that I had not really been to since I was a kid picking blueberries with some Steeves side of my family. Can you guess where we went?

If you guessed Elgin, you are right!  This was a stylised photo by my talented husband. I like to imagine this is how my grandfather might have seen the Elgin Country Kitchen back in the day.

We started the day meandering through the back roads like Nixon and Parkindale. We found the Parkindale Hall that has been an awarded venue for concerts the past few years featuring Maritime music ( sadly not this year) that will hopefully be back in production next year!

We then ended up on the road from Petitcodiac to Elgin. As we approached the middle of town, we were noticing a lot of bikers on the road. Here they were for the Elgin Bike Race put on by the Elgin Eco Association who also coincidentally help manage the Mapleton Acadian Trail that we were there to see and hike. I have never done a bike race but love biking and it sure looked like fun! Maybe I’ll do it someday!  Then the cars started arriving and we headed in to the Elgin Country Kitchen for some lunch before it got too crowded.

I love the ambience and atmosphere in the Kitchen that has been renovated and reopened just since February of 2020 by a local family, the Carters. It had not been open for the last 3 years but has been around since 1949. They are open 7 days a week with weekend specials and breakfast that looks delicious!  One interesting thing we found while hiking the Mapleton trail was that the leftover wood from the Manganese Mine buildings in that area were used to build the Elgin Country Store.

After a delightful lunch, we headed down to Mapleton to find the trail- there is a new trailhead so you can find it easily on Route 895- we were only slightly confused on the way there because Route 905 turns into Route 895 right at the corner where you head into Mapleton. This trail is managed by the Eco Association and Nature Trust NB.

The trail is about 3.4 km of moderate hiking with another short loop  available that all takes you through majestic hemlocks, hardwoods, remnants of the Manganese mine , brooks, and interpretive signs. It was lovely!

On our way out of Elgin and over to the 114 to get back to Waterside,  my husband took us on the backroads ( really only passable with an ATV) but we held on and came upon some beautiful blueberry fields in their autumn shades. It was gorgeous! Even a few berries were hanging on the summer.

Here ends our little tour of Elgin. I hope you can get down and enjoy it! I bet it is beautiful in all seasons. If you are new here, I want to make sure people know my inspiration for these posts comes from my husband’s beautiful photography. Today’s post is a mix of mine and his :).

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  1. Good to see you back . So much inspiration and beauty . Thanks for sharing and making our lives richer . God Bless .😁

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