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Our recent trip to Newfoundland has me inspired to look for some of the less advertised and/or marked trails in our neck of the coast. Some of our more memorable moments and beautiful scenery was found on some of the community maintained paths that we found in the areas we visited. The first three here were not even trails we were looking for but because we had some time to explore and because they weren’t too long, they were just right for our family. It was fun to see new places and not be too worn out doing it! Because this trip is so fresh in our minds, I hope you don’t mind if I indulge in documenting some of these trails to inspire you to maybe look for trails in your area that maybe only the locals know about !

The first place we loved was at Bottle Cove in Lark Harbour.  There were trails here maintained by OBIEC (Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee). These are panoramic photos Mark took of the “Bottle Cove” . The second photo is showing what we saw when we hiked out the furthest point you see on the right side of the cove.

The second trail I fell in love with was in Trout River called the Eastern Point Trail. It wasn’t long but the terrain made me think of scenes of Ireland or Scotland as I was walking. The paths meandered through meadow, stunted woods and then grass and rock covered hills. This was only our 2nd night in Newfoundland and I was already falling in love with the beauty of Newfoundland.

The third trail I loved was in Norris Point just down the road from Rocky Harbour called the Burnt Hill hiking trail. It hugged the coast in this scenic community that looks up a fjord and over to Gros Morne which you can see in the distance in the second photo.

The final trail  we had planned based on reviews is also a community maintained trail called Skerwink Trail that met and exceeded our expectations. It also hugged the coast and had a few steep sections but doable for anyone in fair shape. You get a neat view of the historic and picturesque town of Trinity about 1 km before you finish the trail.

I hope this has got you a little curious about the trails we will find around Waterside and the neighbouring towns. I will introduce you to one next week that you may or may not have heard about. If you know of any around route 915 or 114 that I could introduce to people, send me an email or leave a comment so I can feature it. It would be helpful if they have clearly marked trails so nobody gets lost or frustrated trying to find them . Thanks!

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