Easter goodness

Happy Easter one and all. Heaven is certainly something we think about this time of year. Jesus gave his life on Good Friday so we could have a resurrected life on Easter with an everlasting life in heaven for those who believe on Him. While this is the reason for celebrating this weekend, food also seems to be involved with Easter. I usually bake up a few goodies and this year was no different with some tried and true and some new ones. I hope you’ll be inspired to look some up to try as well this season. I almost worried when I couldn’t find mini eggs a couple weeks ago at 1 store but eventually found some. I hope you found some too!

I have been following Crosby’s Molasses site for a little while and have enjoyed trying some of their recipes. They posted one for peanut butter eggs that I just had to try. Who can resist peanut butter and chocolate? It has only 3 ingredients so much less sugar and fillers than our Reese’s standby. I had a hard time to eat just one!

Once you mixed the 3 ingredients, you shaped them into an egg shape with either a half Tbsp or full Tbsp amount. The number you see here on the pan is from the one recipe. Put them in the freezer for 20-30 min them cover them in melted chocolate. The finished product is pictured in the 1st photo of this post. Here is the recipe from Crosby’s.

My next baked treat is the one I’ve been making since the kids were little.They used to love helping me put the mini eggs on when they came out of the oven. The recipe is from an old Better Homes and Garden cookbook from 1992. I found it on Amazon where you can get it from some sources there. I’m not sure if it is illegal to show the recipe so I won’t show it but if you’d like it , I can send it along to you. Basically any kind of chocolate cookie that holds it’s shape pretty well while cooking would be a good choice for these. The recipe in this cookbook is a slice and bake kind but again any dough that you can roll and doesn’t spread too much while baking is good. The trick to finishing them off is to put those little mini-eggs right on as soon as they are out of the oven.

The third item I made that was a sweet is this pretty Easter Rocky Road square from the website Baked. It was also an easy one to put together. You basically need to melt chocolate and butter together then add in your favourite Easter candy, mini marshmallows and crumbled digestive cookies. The recipe calls for 6 cookies or 75 g which I did weigh and it equalled about 11 Arrowroot cookies. They are pretty sweet so this pan goes a long way! Aren’t they so pretty looking when cut? They are going into a cookie package that I usually give to family at Easter time.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy some wonderful food as well as time with those close to you and have an expectant hope for things ahead. If you’d like, share one of your favourite things you like to make at Easter either here as a comment or on my Facebook page , ” The Road to Waterside”. Thanks for stopping by!

Easter creations

Hello and Happy Spring! It feels strange to be opening up this blog and writing again. I have been focused on the books for the past few weeks and have missed sharing with all of you. My study time is nearing the end – only a few weeks to go. Whether I pass or not at least I have learned a lot!  I did take a few hours this past week to work on a few Easter creations. You know by now that I love to decorate for the seasons and holidays so this was a good distraction.

When I picked up a couple wooden bunnies at the Habitat Restore for Farm Fresh Style’s thrifting challenge a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to create some bunny themed items for Easter. I also had this cute little child’s rocking chair my dear friend wanted me to paint so I thought they would go well together. 

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Easter blessings

Happy Easter !  He is risen!!

What does Easter mean to me?

It used to be getting yummy Easter baskets filled with goodies. To most people Easter probably still means the Easter bunny, candy and getting a new dress. While I still enjoy giving my family some goodies on Easter morning, as a Christian it is a day to give thanks to Jesus for giving his life for the redemption of our sins. Easter gives us tangible evidence that Jesus did not stay dead on Good Friday!  It is evidence that He truly is our Resurrection and Life.  He took the punishment we deserved and gives us new life. It gives me hope that all the suffering, brokenness, heartache and sickness we see will come to an end because He lives and if we are His children we will live forever without the burdens that come in this broken world as a result of sin.

Cut a piece of embroidered linen to stencil on an Easter message and made it into a banner. This framed verse is from my grandmother that she’s had around forever- just needed a new painted frame.



I pray you all seek Jesus and find out what He can mean in your life.

For His good and glory of Easter,

Have a blessed day!