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Remember our trip to St. Martin’s and The Fundy Trail a few weeks ago?  Well you have to go through Sussex to get there so of course I had to check out a few places while we were there!  These 3 places are on the same block and beside one another on Main St. so you don’t have to go far to check them out. They are all working together in one way or another to support each other’s businesses. Read on!

We stopped first at Taste and See Restaurant/Stable Grounds Cafe. It’s a wonderful restaurant/coffee shop owned by a couple  ladies who have injected an inspirational and faith filled atmosphere in the space. The ladies are Joanne Barton and Janice Gillies. They actually just received the Business And Community Leader Award  at the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner this past week. Congratulations ladies!! They are closed on Sundays and Mondays so if you only have the weekend to visit- be sure to get there early on Saturday as they close at 3. The only day they are open for supper is Friday until 8 pm. So depending on what you are up for, you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner! They have a well rounded menu with something for everyone. They even have gluten free options and Simply for Life options. Mark and I ate here a couple years ago . He got a burger and I got some kind of sweet potato fry dish with an iced coffee as you can see here. It was all very good.

We stopped this last time because I just needed a coffee but of course the cookies looked enticing too so we got one to share. You can get these options and baked goods for take out on the Cafe side of the restaurant. Here are a few  shots from inside:

The restaurant has started a new venture this fall joining forces with their neighbour next door in offering dinners for take out on Thursday nights. Here is an idea of what they are serving up:

And here is the new owner they are teaming up with :


I was going to head  right down to Outdoor Elements but stopped in our tracks when I saw the cool design of this next shop. The owner Rick Lockhart was inside looking at us looking through his windows. We must have looked a little strange and he wasn’t actually open but he invited us in to look around.  It is a newly opened shop called Sussex Ale Works. I would not normally go into a place like this as I don’t drink alcohol but the front door appeal got me interested to see inside. Mark got a few shots with the cool raw edge tables , unique lights, taps and even the flooring which was quite distinctive. I loved all the design elements and craftsmanship evident throughout!  As you might guess they mostly serve craft beers but they will be serving up different ciders and craft sodas. You can even have it with a warm pretzel from Archie’s Bake Shoppe in Sussex. As mentioned you can order a meal as well from Taste and See to enjoy with a drink on Thursday evenings.  You’ve done a great job Rick!  It will be a great place to connect on an evening or weekend, after a busy work day or a day exploring the Fundy Trail or the slopes at Poley. It’s awesome to see all these businesses helping each other out in the community.



On the other side of Sussex Ale Works is Outdoor Elements owned by John McNair. After a fire in 2012  demolished his 1st shop, John didn’t give up. He has  been in their new location on Main St. since 2014 and serve outdoor enthusiasts and the community in many different ways. They are open Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year.  With Fundy National Park and Poley Mountain close by , Outdoor Elements is on the perfect path for people to get outfitted for a wide range of activities- from hiking, trail running,biking, paddling, skiing , snowboarding and more. In fact ,this year John and his team moved into Fundy Park as the official outfitters for the park. and have had great success. You can be outfitted with a water craft at Bennett Lake, rent gear to go hiking overnight and rent bikes at the new pavilion across the street from the Chignecto campground. We featured them on our blog in May when they were just getting started. By all accounts it has been a busy and successful summer! Outdoor Elements also has weekly events going on to get you into an active lifestyle that you can check out on their website or Facebook page. Right now they are in high gear for skiing season especially with this early snow!  I have enjoyed seeing John doing his #100daysofadventure on Instagram. He not only does this for a living but he really seems to enjoy and embody an active lifestyle. Keep up the great work John!! You are a great role model in business and life.

I am hoping to head back to Sussex this weekend for the Christmas Open House at Pearson’s Corner Market on Main St in Sussex Corner. I may also find my way to the Cornhill Community Hall for their Christmas craft market as well. It’s small business Saturday on the 24th . I encourage you to shop local and support so many single owner or family owned businesses this year. It looks like it will be hard to shop online this year with the current postal strike anyway!

Christmas projects are on the go and decorating starts this weekend. Stay tuned!


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