Summer crafting

I couldn’t let summer go by without sharing some paint and craft projects we did this summer.  I am still in denial that summer is winding down. It just seems like we were putting in our flower beds, digging rocks and staining decks back in June.

One of the projects I did in the cottage this summer was to create some art from a round stretched canvas I picked up at HomeSense and a wood clock cutout I picked up at Front Porch Mercantile in Moncton over the summer. I wanted to have a clock on the large wall in our front room at the cottage but couldn’t find the right materials to upcycle or look that I wanted. I decided to experiment with these materials. You will have to tell me what you think of it!

I started with the wooden cutout and painted it with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Kitchen Scale. Milk paint is a powder that you mix up as you need with water. It is my favourite paint to use on raw wood. I had used this colour already in this area of the cottage so it was an easy choice for colour.

Here it is painted up placed on the canvas. I was trying to figure out placement of the sand dollar stencil I also picked up as a rental at Front Porch Mercantile. I used a couple blended colours from the Fusion Mineral Paint line for the stencilling. I forgot to write the combinations down but there was some Stirling, Inglenook and Laurentien in there!

As you can see, I forgot my stencil brush at home so had to make do with my Cling On brush-slower but it did the trick by keeping less paint on my brush! I ended up putting one sand dollar in the middle of the clock and then used  the other sizes around the edge of the canvas and using the different colours I had blended on each one.

I then glued on the wooden clock piece to the canvas with some Gorilla glue, hung some wire on the back and hung it up.

Here it is in the space. I think I need something to balance it on the left for sure. I am also wondering about adding some kind of clock hands to the piece- maybe in the form of some pieces of driftwood??

The other little project I worked on was to perk up and protect an old table I have been using as our “island” in the kitchen area. I had stripped the top a long time ago but it had been getting some water on it so I wanted to at least protect it. I just grabbed a container of Miss Mustard Seed’s white wax and rubbed on a couple coats. It will give it some water resistance and protection and a little white washed colour at the same time. You can do this with any coloured wax for a stain effect and protection!

This is the table with it’s raw top:

Then with 1 coat of wax on the edges:

And then 2 coats:

What I love about wax too is it tends to accentuate all the scratches and imperfections if you like that sort of thing :).

Here it is all finished and styled as I use it now:

My last little project was just giving this neglected old chair I got from my in-laws some protection and prevention of further loss of paint.  I loved all the layers and chippiness so wanted to keep it the way it was. I needed a chair in our master bedroom and this matched  my chippy white headboard. I just cleaned off some of the grime and dirt without taking more paint off. A great product to keep in that chippiness but also provide some durability and wipeability is Miss Mustard Seed’s Tough Coat which is also available as a Fusion product.

Well that’s a wrap for summer as we head in to fall. There will be more projects to come and maybe a review of past projects too to get you inspired for fall.

Thanks for following along!

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  1. You managed to do a lot of things this summer! I have been waiting to see what your plan was for the round canvas. Very nicely done!

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