Spring fever

As of this evening it is officially SPRING!!! We made it through another winter. Congratulations if you don’t like winter! That would include me but getting down to Waterside the couple times we did this winter instilled a desire to try to do more outside despite the winter weather. Anyway, enough of winter. Time to think of Spring which a lot of you have ,after being at the Seedy Saturday a couple weeks ago. When I think of Spring, I think of new craft projects and home decor ideas. 

I was inspired by Lori at Farm Fresh Style to get in on a thrift store challenge this winter. When I go to a thrift store I am always drawn to wooden objects because they paint up so nice with milk paint.  One of the things I picked up at the Restore in Moncton was an old cutting board. Here was the loot I picked up that day for around $20. ( You may see the bunnies appear later in Spring )


I knew the board might look neat turned into a sign with its’ natural slats and individual boards visible like a pallet sign. I also wanted to use an IOD transfer that was in my prize basket from Front Porch Mercantile‘s 5th Anniversary giveaway. So wood, milk paint and a transfer was a perfect combination. Here are some of the steps:

I love Miss Mustard Seed‘s milk paint for bare wood projects or where you want to see some wear and “chipping”. It goes on so smoothly after a few minutes of prep by stirring the paint powder and water together for ~30 seconds and letting it sit a few minutes.

Here is the board with a coat of “Trophy” milk paint. I used the transfer that is in the tube and a couple of the IOD stamps to embellish it. 

After 3 coats of ” Farmhouse White” milk paint and a little distressing, I applied the transfer- you just put it in place and rub the design on to your surface. 

The paint started to chip just in a couple corners probably where there were more oils still in the board. I only did a quick surface cleaning as it appeared mostly worn wood.

Here is the board after the design has been transferred. 

And here it is all finished! I put a couple Rose themed stamps that were in the package and another stamp at the bottom that you can see a little bit behind my roses. I did finish it off with some Miss Mustard Seed Clear and Antiquing wax a bit in the corners to pick up some of the crackles and make it look a little more aged. I love how it turned out. I also love that Mark got my ” Old Country Rose” pattern from my china dishes in the background. 

Another project I did this week was to transform a little wooden carrier I’ve had forever that was just up in my cupboard holding random objects but got rediscovered after some decluttering! I wanted to use the new Zinc wax from Miss Mustard Seed to turn it into a metal looking tote.

I put a coat of “Trophy” milk paint to start and even went over it with a little darker gray in spots so it would have some variation like metal under the wax.

Here it is all styled up! I love how this turned out . I took a couple little clay pots I had lying around from some other projects and decoupaged some napkins onto them that  I had been holding on to.( I hold on to too much but you never know when you might use something 🙂 ) Some fake spring flowers and a ” Hello Spring” pick ( also just colored in with a dark wax) from Michael’s gave a plain wooden object  some new life. 

I will leave you with this last photo. My Aunt had brought done some items that were from my great grandmother this past week that she thought I would like at the cottage. These little glasses are just so sweet. The blue birds and strawberries will go perfectly in my blue and strawberry themed kitchen at the cottage that you can see here. We can’t wait until Spring moves along and we can get back down there.  ( I just noticed the basket I put them in was something I also got at the Restore !)

Cheers ! Here’s to Spring!


2 thoughts on “Spring fever

  1. Good job , Dear ,you do love Spring ! Aww ,Great Grammie Bateman , she would be smiling that you love her glasses .They look hand painted. .. .It wouldn’t be Spring without some pussy willows you think of everything . Great photography ,Mark .,much appreciated . , Dreaming of the wildflowers at Waterside ,what a show . 😁

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