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Hello fellow travellers on the Road to Waterside! It has been too long since I have shared with you all. This past year has been quite an adventure- studying from January to May, then summertime with en epic trip to Newfoundland and the start of a hobby/business in October to now.  We are starting to get in a groove but while I’m still figuring out how often and how much to post on the blog, my wonderful husband has been working on another post to present about the adventure he had with his dad last fall.  Without further ado, here is what he had to say:

Adventure !

I had a very adventurous year , I hope you have too !  My father celebrated a major milestone birthday last year and after some scheduling delays I finally got to take him out for a planned outing.  It is always a challenge to come up with a special gift for people and I was excited to share this ‘adventure’ of a gift with my dad. My father lived in St. Martins, New Brunswick at two different times in his life.  He has hiked the Fundy Footpath from St.Martins to Fundy National Park the first year the footpath was officially opened. He has hiked, hunted and fished the area many times. So this past year I thought it would be great for him to be able to see the coastline from the water instead of from land.  So we headed down to St. Martins and connected with Red Rock Adventure.   

Red Rock Adventure offers many fantastic unique opportunities to explore the Fundy coastline.  At this time they offered various Kayaking tours from a few hours to multi day tours. They also have guided Fundy footpath adventures. ( This summer you can even find culinary adventures).    We chose their Scenic Zodiac boat tour and wow , we now have some memories that will last a lifetime. Everything about the experience was very professional. After a safety review and signing some waivers Captain Joe Brennan took us to the zodiac and the adventure that awaited.   

The perspective of seeing the rugged Bay of Fundy coastline from the water was an amazing change in perspective.  I have seen much of the coast line of the great Bay of Fundy on both the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia sides and still some of the cliffs were like none I had seen before.  It was amazing to see some unique coastline that is inaccessible from land.

Captain Brennan shared with us geological information about the various rock formations and, of course, the tides.  He also expertly relayed to us the captivating Mi’kmaq Legend of how Glooscap was responsible for the great tides of the bay, all while we were bobbing gently in the Zodiac on the blue green fundy waters.  

I would highly recommend checking out Red Rock  Adventures and making plans to visit St. Martin’s, the Fundy Footpath and choose an adventure offered by Red Rock !

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Leaving the St. Martins Harbour:

Past the covered bridge:


The St. Martins sea caves from the water:

Hidden coves:

Amazing cliffs and waterfall:

Captain Brennan sharing the story of Glooscap :

Beautiful coastline:

Joe Brennan , Captain, Guide, Storyteller.

As spring is just on the horizon I can’t recommend Red Rock enough.  They could be part of your next great adventure !

Thank you so much for being my guest again Mark. I would love to get out with you to see the coastline too! We always love seeing things from your perspective. Your wonderful photography makes the story come alive!

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