Outdoor tour- part 1 and 2

Welcome back! It’s actually feeling like summer these past couple of weeks! I hope you are enjoying it wherever you are.  We can’t believe this is our 5th summer enjoying the cottage. It seems like it has taken us a long time to get things finished around the cottage but by budgeting and picking the most important things first, we managed to get 1 or 2 projects done each year outside to help us feel finished. I have shared posts of the rooms and progress in the cottage ( here, here, here and here ). In this post I’m giving part 1 and 2 of our outdoor tour. ( part 3 will come next month- stay tuned! ) If you came and visited the 1st summer, you saw piles of construction debris, old pallets for steps and lots of dirt.  The 2nd summer , 2016, Mark worked on building a shed so we would have some storage for all the things – yes all by himself with a little help from his nephew and father.

We had the lumber delivered from Home Hardware , all the way down to Waterside for $60. Talk about great service! Mark made the trusses himself out of 2×4. He even made the shed doors! I got to paint and stain them of course!

The man at work:

The finished product!

I think he did a great job! It gave us the storage we needed and matches the cottage beautifully.  We are thinking now we may have to move it if we put on an addition down the road but for now it’s in the perfect spot. 🙂

The summer of 2017 didn’t involve much construction or reno work. By the spring of 2018 though Mark was hard at work again, this time building a deck off the patio doors and platforms for our other 2 entrances. Bye bye pallets!  Things were starting to shape up a lot more after those were built. We bought most of the wood from Home Depot this time in the brown pressure treated finish. The post anchors and caps were from Kent.The rope was ordered online from Maple Leaf Ropes . This summer Mark treated the rope with some Scotchguard UV protectant to help it last longer in the elements.

This is before:


Mark used a bit on his drill to make extra big holes in the posts to put rope through. I love the effect of the rope. The deck isn’t tall enough to need a safety rail so the rope kind of acts as an edge marker and decor.

After: I love this view all day long!

I painted some old plastic furniture we had already with Fusion Mineral Paint– it can be used outside , is waterproof and has some UV protection in it as well. So easy to do and a great way to reuse your older faded furniture and give it new life!

I also gave my re-loved wicker love seat a coat of Rustoleum black spray paint and made a whole new cushion for it as well. I got the foam piece and the fabric remnant from Walmart! I just traced the old (gross) cushion on the new foam and cut out with scissors. I then removed the old ( gross) fabric and traced it on the new fabric. Then with just a needle and thread, hand stitched it around the foam. I then protected it with the same protector we used on the rope. I love the lobster trap table I got second hand but I gave it a couple coats of stain and finishing oil in Driftwood from Homestead House which you can get at Front Porch Mercantile in Moncton as well as the Fusion Mineral Paint. It is not really meant to be an outside finish but so far it is holding up. I’m not sure if I should paint the bottom or just put a poly protection on it. What do you think?

Aah, breakfast for two on the deck is so lovely- we haven’t done this yet this year, maybe this weekend if it’s nice!

As you can tell, I love painting anything that looks like it could be painted- like old buoys!  I love this braided mat from fishing ropes- we bought it on PEI a couple years ago from a young girl making them over there. I tried to find another one when we were there last month but no luck. If anyone knows where I can find a handmade rug from fishing rope- send me a note please! Here is the side door step on Canada Day last year.

When you look at all these photos, I start to realize what a difference all these projects made to the outside. Kudos to Mark for being brave to do things outside his skill set. His skills and confidence is improving every year ! I have heard him say lately that having the right tools makes all the difference in doing some of these jobs so let that be encouragement to any of you trying to do some DIY out there. With the right tools and You tube, you can do it too!

Thanks for sticking around. If you like these posts and are inspired, please share my Facebook page so others can enjoy as well. We’ll be back next week. This time with some bay inspired recipes!

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