Mary’s Point 2.0

Exciting news for locals and tourists alike, especially all you bird watchers!  If you were down to Mary’s Point last summer, you would have noticed a new building that was erected beside the old interpretive building. This new Shorebird Discovery Centre is beautifully situated to take in the expanse that is the Shepody Natural Wildlife Area (NWA). The Shepody NWA includes Mary’s Point, New Horton and Germantown Marsh. We were excited to see it and even more excited to hear it would be opening in 2019.  We headed down there this past weekend and was pleased to see one of the interpreter’s we had met last year,  Denis Doucet,  and his team settling in to the centre and getting ready for the grand opening which is happening July 16th at 1 pm.

Not only will this new facility be open between late June and August from 9 am – 5 pm as an interpretive centre manned with staff from the Canada Wildlife Centre but they have developed a new .6 km trail off to the left called the Ruffed Grouse trail that takes you to a wonderful vantage point for looking at Grindstone Island. Many of us have a fascination with this island and its history. There are many people dedicated to protecting it. I hope to get to visit it some day.  I’ll put together a blog post this summer about Grindstone Island!

Off to the right is a new section for accessing the original trail to the lookout at Mary’s point where you can view the sandpipers that roost on the beach and feed on the  surrounding mud flats during their migration which will start next week. The migration  really gets going in August with thousands of birds arriving to this area and over at Johnson’s Mills as well .It is a great spot for bird watching- we have seen different kinds of shore birds as well as the peregrine falcons that nest in the area and the majestic bald eagle as well as my favourite- the great blue heron which have many nests out on Grindstone Island. You can see the feature I did last year about  Mary’s Point in our tour of Harvey on the blog last year at this link

Here is that wonderful view of the Island. I thought it was wonderful to be able to enjoy it from this spot that you couldn’t access before. There is less of a breeze at this location and lots of bugs so make sure you bring some repellent or long sleeved clothes if you want to enjoy it for more than a minute 🙂

We are so excited to see this new centre at work and look forward to see what the season brings and all the wonderful natural wonders we will enjoy from these locations. If you want to know more about this area- I will post a link here for the information about it on the Environment and Climate Change Canada website. If you are really interested in the this amazing piece of conservation you can read all about the management plan in a 63 page document that was developed in 2018 for the Shepody NWA by scrolling to the bottom of that page where there is a link for the plan. Quite an interesting read!

I love that they have kept these green areas mostly natural with the hay and wildflowers growing. This old piece of farm equipment reminds me of photos we took of my son at this spot when he was 2 or 3. Some things don’t change and I like that.

I hope you can get down here on your way to or from Fundy Park sometime this summer or to the grand opening next week. Cheers and happy exploring from The Road to Waterside! Enjoy this little clip Mark took of the sandpipers last year at Mary’s Point. 


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  1. Amazing , I want to go see this beautiful place . Thank you Mark and Sheila . When I saw the hay and red farm equipment I thought of Liam . What an awesome pic of Grindstone Island . Wow !

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