Let’s go glamping!

Down the road past the Hopewell Rocks and along the beautiful drive on route 114 that follows the coast with views of Grindstone Island, you will come to some idyllic pastures with views of horses out on  the marsh or you may see some horses and riders out for a ride near the Sawmill Creek bridge as you come to the entrance of Broadleaf Farm Ranch. I love seeing what’s going on at the ranch every time we pass to go to the cottage.

This ranch has been in operation since 1953. It was founded by Vernon and Joyce Hudson. Their 7 children have all played a part over the years in continuing their parents’ legacy and development of this beautiful property and company. Most continue to be involved in some way as well as their offspring. You can check out more about how the ranch got started here. We had missed the open house to tour the new Glamping units at Thanksgiving so stopped in this past weekend to see if we could take a few pictures around the ranch and of the new units. We got to have a private tour with one of the daughters Wendy who manages the ranch along with her brother Danny.

The Glamping units are located about halfway up the hill behind the main property. As soon as you come out on the road where they have been placed, you get a magnificent view of the Bay – you can see Joggins off to the left  and see all the way across the valley to the Shepody marshes, Grindstone Island, Mary’s Point and Nova Scotia. Mark took some great photos so this post will be photo heavy but it gives you a great feel for these units and space. You can click on the photos to enlarge them 🙂

The units all have a theme and are named after landmarks or livestock around the area. They have a Covered Bridge, Lighthouse or Chuck wagon unit to rent. Wendy told us about how these units were constructed and brought in by companies from Quebec, custom made and ordered right down to the paint colours.

The 1st one we checked out was the Covered Bridge unit: I loved the quality and great use of space in these units.  It’s a lovely place to soak in the view, hang out with family and enjoy the many activities on the property and the surrounding area.

The second unit is so unique, so iconic and fits in perfectly with its’ surroundings, as you can see from the view! Can you spy a little lighthouse in the distance 🙂


Look at this cute little space to sleep under the stars! There is room for up to 5 people in each of the units. The table folds down like a murphy bed and the couches turn into beds.

The 3rd unit is the classic Chuck Wagon- this one definitely fits in with a horse ranch and farm life doesn’t it? Its’ space is also strategically used with everything you need for a comfortable stay.  The only thing missing in these units is Wi-Fi but who needs that when you have all of nature to enjoy!

There are 2 of each of these Glamping units. They are available for year round use and available for booking on their website www.broadleafranch.ca .I think Wendy and her team have done a splendid job bringing these units in and hope they have great success and lots of bookings with them for years to come!

Wendy invited us to go further up the hill to see their Mountain Chalet that has been available since 1997 when they expanded their accommodations with the chalet and  their country cabins and dormitories. The chalet has a wonderful view as well and makes you feel like you are far from the hustle and bustle below. What a great get-away. The chalet can accommodate 24 people!!. It was recently used by a wedding party when they reserved the whole ranch for their wedding celebrations. It would be great for a family reunion or company function as well.

Back on the main property, we met these lovely fellows. I remembered I had 2 apples so ran to get them to feed these guys. I got a little scared and dropped one  so Mark broke my second one in half because I didn’t want either one to feel left out.

Here are some more shots of the main house with the fall leaves.

Thank you again to Wendy, Donna , Kathy and Danny for welcoming us and showing us around. We may have to do a part 2 to showcase the other part of the ranch which includes all their adventure activities like horseback riding, and adventure camps along with summer and winter activities. I have heard their Sunday Brunch is always popular that occurs from 10-2 every Sunday from May to October. As you can see, there is so much to do at Broadleaf!

Which Glamping unit was your favourite? Do you know what Glamping means?  Have you been to Broadleaf Ranch? Check out their website for more info, photos and for booking your next adventure- www.broadleafranch.ca





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