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I attended my first blogging conference this past weekend called Blog Jam Atlantic. It was the 4th year for the event and I took the opportunity to go since it was in Moncton this year. Since I am new to blogging I figured the $100 wasn’t too much to find out more about the blogging community and if it is really something I want to continue. I was ready to quit last week after having technology challenges with Facebook and feeling very inadequate in the technology arena. Even though I have a husband in IT and very smart in all thinks tech related and I have a son doing a Computer Science degree I still feel overwhelmed at everything one can do with their blog. I do have a vision for how I want the blog to look and am looking at what opportunities I can do with it and the community in the future but getting there sometimes feels very daunting.

This weekend’s speakers really encouraged us to be ourselves, to be vulnerable, to tell our stories in our own ways and to engage with our audience authentically. There was also a lot about technology but I focused on hearing other people’s stories this year.

I was excited to meet some bloggers that I have been following for a while and that have inspired me. I feel connected to them because they are authentic, live in rural areas and are successful at blogging.

Jennifer Naugler of Simple Local Life did a presentation on how she turned her blog into a career in just a few years down in Bridgewater,NS. She works with local businesses in her area with a fresh , real connection in her pieces. She gave us some great ideas that I hope to use in the future.

Lori Byrne of Farm Fresh Style was another blogger I got to meet in person after conversing with her for the past couple years. She’s from the North Shore of NS.  She’s the one that helped my daughter and I coordinate our 1st trip to the Lavender farm a couple years. I love getting a peek into her designer life and her family farm life on her blog. She likes to have fun! You should see how she got the flower wall home in the picture above from Paper and Peony!

Here we are together 🙂

The other blogger I was interested in hearing was Ruth Ann of Everything Unscripted from right here in Moncton. She encourages people on her blog about life struggles, family, travel and frugal living. She encouraged us to look at how we label ourselves and what we struggle with to identify what is holding us back from feeling successful or connecting with our audience. She wanted to  help us be more authentic with our audience and find ways to identify with our audience so they know who we are.

Lastly I really liked hearing from Rebecca of A Little Bit of Momsense who is based in Ottawa and has been blogging since 2009.  She was new to me but really loved what she had to say and loved her fresh, approachable style. She is one to follow for sure!

All of these wonderful ladies and the other speakers at Blog Jam have all got me thinking and dreaming of what I can offer to you and to my community especially to Albert County as Waterside and the Albert County area was my inspiration for this blog in the first place. I would love to know how I can educate, inform, entertain or inspire you in the future. Feel free to leave a comment and sign up for an occasional e-mail where I will keep you up to date on blog related activities and information.

Thank you!!

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