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On our way to the cottage for Labour Day we stopped in to the Old Bank at Riverside-Albert. So many of us have driven right by as we navigate that turn and stay on route 114 or while we are trying to decide to drive straight and go on the scenic route 915. This stately building at the corner in Riverside-Albert has quite a history! It has moved twice since it was built in 1903  When we stopped in on Sunday, we were able to get an account of the place by David Christie who is in charge of the Albert County Heritage Trust foundation which manages this building and the Shipyard Heritage park I featured here on the Harvey Tour. It is run by the Trust foundation with donations and support of the province. There is some help in the summer with students and Mr. Christie doing tours and it also serves as a visitor’s information centre for the area.

Here are some photos of the place Mark took while we were there. I found another great tour of it on another website called My New Brunswick.  They have some great photos as well with a description of the Bank and its story so I won’t repeat it all here. I encourage you to visit their lovely website featuring places all over New Brunswick. I love being able to travel through their eyes to some places I may never see in person but may get you interested in going to visit!

Mr Christie said they painstakingly removed chipping paint off this door to reveal the original lettering that was on here before it became the Bank of Nova Scotia in 1913.

Oh the stories this bank could tell! Even with its slanted floors and peeling wallpaper it is a gem to be preserved and we are thankful for the Albert County Heritage Trust foundation and residents as well as the province of NB who keep it upright for all of us to enjoy. You can make a donation to this worthy organization by sending a tax-deductible donation to their address at 5985 Route 114, Riverside-Albert, NB E4H 2B8 or contacting them at (506) 882-2015 or 882-2100. Their e-mail contact is

Thank you for the stories Mr. Christie and your dedication to preservation of these lovely places in Albert County!

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  1. always nice to see the old buildings restored…we have old barns and buildings on our property that we work hard to keep in good shape…love the old..

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