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As we come to the end of a year I like to look back and see what I’ve achieved and what I want or need to work on for the next year. With my type of personality there is always so much I think I haven’t achieved or done well but this year I am going to be more positive and easy on myself. I love this quote that Jennifer Allwood posted this week on her Facebook page ” What if in 2019 you totally laid down what they did to you …so that you could fully embrace what God has for you?? ” I don’t know why I found that so powerful. I guess it’s because I’ve been carrying around a lot of hurt caused by other people in the past couple years and I need to lay it down. It will only hold me back if I don’t. 

My main goal this past year was to start a blog which I did and I have been posting consistently each week since Feb 14th. I did miss last Wednesday on Boxing Day but it just wasn’t in me to post. I find Boxing Day a let down each year and it really took me most of the day to get out of the slump. I think the busyness of the month and having  the big day behind us makes my brain just give in and not feel anything the next day. I love what I saw someone write on Boxing Day that we shouldn’t feel down because the reason for which we celebrated Christmas in Jesus’ birth continues to be with us even after Christmas and that should give us reason to keep our spirits bright. I don’t need to feel down but feel encouraged that I was so consistent with blogging in my 1st year.

Since last Wednesday I have been thinking of what this next year might bring and what I am looking forward to. Our pastor reminded us in his prayer this week that it is not the professional achievements, career goals, hobbies we pursue or vacations we look forward to that our lives should be based on but our lives should be based on a relationship with God and everything we do should flow from that Truth. 

When setting goals I tend to be performance based but as I set goals for this next year I want God to also lead me in the areas I feel called to pursue.  One of those areas is to work on some career goals that I’ve had for the past 5 years or so. I work as a physiotherapist in a clinic which works with  patients with chronic disease with a big part of them having Diabetes. I want to become certified as a Diabetes Educator so I can better serve our patients and have credibility amongst the community I serve and work with. It is going to involve a lot of study with an exam at the end of May in order to achieve this. It will be a challenge as well as a reward as there are only a handful of physiotherapists who have ever been certified  with this designation across the country.  The challenge is also going to be how to continue to work on my blog and seek connection with you the reader and the community of Albert County and surrounding Bay of Fundy area in a meaningful manner. I have enjoyed exposing the many small businesses and community groups who work in this region and hope to continue to do more with them in the coming year as time and energy permit at least until May. 

Of course I always have other dreams as well like trying to get off the same 25 pounds I’ve been carrying around the last 5 years!  I did well in 2017 getting about 15 lbs off but of course a few of them have been creeping up this fall and Christmas. We’ll be back to better habits like cutting out sugar and moving more in the New Year! Will you join me?

My last goal is to learn more about the technology and social media side of blogging. I have been doing the basics but there is so much more I could do to make it visually better. I get frustrated easily with technology so tend to avoid it but I need to just try to do a little at a time.  Mark gave me a couple stands to hold my phone for Christmas to be able to do videos easier so I hope that will improve some of the videos I’ve tried to do and want to do in the future. He has also been learning about Word press and the blogging world so with him I hope we can continue to improve this site. I will try to watch or implement something on the blog at least weekly.  This will be my distraction from studying!

Mark was so sweet and made me some printed material for my blog with these nice business cards so I can try to engage more people as I meet you in the community and have you be able to tell your friends, who will tell 2 more friends, and so on ..  🙂 He also got magnets, stickers, tote bag and t-shirt made.  He is my biggest supporter! I thank you all so much for following along, leaving a comment and spreading the word to your friends as well. I would love to have you follow along by liking my Facebook page www.Facebook.com/theroadtowaterside. I look forward to seeing you along The Road to Waterside! Thank you and let’s have a wonderful year together!!

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