A German Experience

Welcome back to our 1st real post of 2019!   I’ve been wanting to follow-up on the live Facebook video I did at the beginning of December from Oliver’s German Bakery in Hillsborough. If you missed it you can find it in the video library on my Facebook page “The Road to Waterside“. I hope some of these photos will entice you to visit the Bakery either in Hillsborough, at the Dieppe Market or at various locations in the community that carry his products. When you love bread and baked products it feels so good when you know they are made with the freshest ingredients, whole grains, no sugar ( at least in the bread) ,made by hand and you know they are better for you. What a great way to start the new year!  Oliver along with his helpers Tatiana and Freda are the main bakers and production workers in the bakery and in the market but they do employ other help like some of Oliver’s kids and family when they need it. They start pretty early in the morning and sometimes work through the night but Oliver says he much prefers the pace here than he did in Germany.

This is Oliver and Freda after they have pulled dozens of loaves of bread out of the oven. We couldn’t get Tatiana in a picture but she is Oliver’s right hand baker making a lot of the products we enjoy. You can meet Freda at the Dieppe market on Saturdays as well as at the bakery in Hillsborough.

Oliver came to New Brunswick about 15 years ago. He had his original bakery in Dieppe but moved to Hillsborough about 3 years ago when he bought the old Hillsborough Baptist church to house it when he wanted to get out of the city. He leases out the rest of the building to other businesses and to the medical clinic. The Hillsborough Farmer’s Market is also housed here on Saturdays from May until October. Oliver has big plans for his bakery. He has already been growing and harvesting his own rye on some acreage in Riverside Albert. He hopes to get his own silos put inside where he can store and  grind his own flour in the quantities he needs for his day to day business. Here are some photos of the church and markets in action as well as Oliver’s rye being cultivated.  ( Thank you to the Hillsborough Farmer’s Market and to Freda for the use of their photos)

I loved being in the bakery!  Mmm,  the warmth and wonderful smells of freshly baked products was heavenly. Oliver only uses organic and non GMO flours to make his baked goods and uses as many local suppliers as he can for the ingredients he puts into such a beautiful and nutritious product. Here are some more photos of his products:

Product ready to ship out and fill shelves in many businesses in Moncton.

As well as finding many of Oliver’s products on shelves in Moncton at various businesses like Sequoia, Corn Crib, Macarthur’s and Dolma, you can also drop in to the bakery in Hillsborough from Tuesday-Friday, 7 am until 2 pm except only until noon on Friday. They have lots of things for your sweet tooth as well as meats,dairy products, and soups. My kids love the Chocolate filled croissants. I love their honey squash pumpkin loaf and muffins and their protein bread.

If you can’t get to Hillsborough you can also find them at the Dieppe Market on Fridays from 1-6 pm  and Saturdays from 7 am until 1:30 pm. They are now right beside the door where the muffin man used to be across from Armadale Dairy’s booth. The line up is usually pretty long unless you get their early. Freda is very efficient and is quick to offer up more yummy items that you weren’t planning to buy but just can’t resist.

I hope you enjoyed this little extra tour of Oliver’s Bakery and hope you are able to get out and sample some of his fine baking as we start the year off with these nutritious and filling fares.

Join us the rest of January where we’ll feature another business in Hillsborough. Who will it be??

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  1. What a pleasure to read your blog. I am pastry chef from austria and it was nice to read about Olivers German bakery. As for Roccos restaurant what a gem. I know Rocco from Teen C. and he has a good heart and a Love for the Lord. with that combination he will be a great success. I hope to come to N.B. again to visit Rocco,his restaurant and his family.

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